First of its kind Data Technology bringing Government, Engineers,Contractors,Quality Control on one Mobile
Management platform and Webcloud with Built-in State of Art GIS & Artificial intelligence.


What Gpms Can do For You

Surveys & Estimates

Use GPMS to conduct Initial Inception Work Surveys and prepare detailed estimates that can be viewed and approved by the team from any device on the go.

Tenders & Contracts

GPMS can handle the entire Pre- tendering and Post- Tendering process. Admin, Technical and Financial sanctions can be obtained for recording, tracking and placing tenders, follow procurement procedures.

Mobile Based EmesurementBook

Mobile based Measurement Book is pre- loaded with BOQs and respective UOMs and records with images, measurements and timestamps. Abstract Mbooks can also be maintained. This feature can be used on the field even without Internet.

Real Time Monitoring

Real time data from the field can be made available to Engineers and other Local Government Officials. It is embedded with Intelligent algorithms to make it a reliable data source.

Business Anylitics Report

GPMS can be integrated with the existing ERP system. Provides comprehensive Business analytics reports, milestones management, work progress analytics and alerts.

Benefits Of Gpms

Reducing Costs And Improving Efficiency

GPMS® Mobile App empowers your organization with electronic data capture and improves delivery capabilities. Every local Government can increase the efficiencies of its internal operations, improve services and reduce costs. Empowerment of field level workforce can reduce requirements and costs for time, travel and staffing, as well as eliminate redundant data entry.

Faster Communication and Boosting Productivity.

Real-time and location-based processes result in quick and easily accessible data and communications, consistency of information, responsive management and seamless information exchanges. Information and actions can be coordinated in any location, improving collaboration among employees at all hierarchies.

Better Managment

GPMS® has the potential to help government officials to better manage and allocate financial and human resources. Local Government Operations can communicate their needs and situations as they occur. Current and accurate data improves knowledge-based decision making and responsiveness.

Our Solutions

Works Monitoring and Managment Mobile and web applications

Pre - Tendering Process

With GPMS’s mobile friendly, cloud based software application, engineers can create inception survey reports anytime, anywhere while visualizing the works on Google maps. Abstract estimates and detailed estimates can also be created and sent for administrative, financial and technical sanctions.

Post - Tendering Process

GPMS provides strong support to handle the entire post - tendering process which includes generating various documentation such as work orders, Letters of acceptance, capturing material quantity and rate data for the BOQs and creating new BOQs when required.

Billing & Payments

GPMS can also handle your Billing needs by preparing bills based on the approved measurement book and integrating them to the financials. Contractor performance can be monitored easily where defaulter contractors with uninitialized works can tracked. GPMS has a provision to maintain year- wise SORs and can be configured to meet your organizations’ needs hundred percent.

Work Monitoring Management and Execution

Monitor and execute your works projects end - end with transparency and accountability. Create work milestones and analyse performance metrics with ease to keep track of work progress and update higher officials.

Contractors and engineers can maintain an online measurement book that can be accessed on any device from anywhere. Comprehensive document management solutions are available such as agreements, drawings, sanctions and work orders.