Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Prajwala is a well-known, anti-trafficking organization working on issues of sex trafficking and sex crime. Established in the year 1996, Prajwala works on the five pillars of Prevention, Protection, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Reintegration and has emerged as one of the most powerful voices in the country for ensuring holistic victim services.
Leadwinner Corp has been associated with Prajwala Foundation, in its efforts towards Social reintegration, as part of its rehabilitation programs. Marriage is one form of reintegration where victims find a new lease of life and hope so that they can live in the mainstream world with dignity. Most victims coming to Prajwala for support are survivors today, living in the normal society.
Leadwinner Corp has helped Prajwala, in organizing marriage events, that aids victims of trafficking to enter a new positive phase of life. We believe in compassion and helping people live with dignity and this is part of our efforts, in association with a leading foundation in the society, to be able to offer a new ray of hope, for effective reintegration.